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New! Monthly GCAT Meeting Notes

Kincaid Garden, North Facing

Kincaid Garden, North Facing

Hello Friends of GCAT –

Garfield Community Action Teams meets monthly to discuss ongoing volunteer projects we’re working on in Garfield.  These meetings are open to anyone! Also, we’re always interested in how we can partner with new groups and individuals and collaborate on ways we can help out our Garfield community.  Meetings can sometimes be hard to attend, so this year we’ll be posting are meeting notes so that if you can’t make a meeting you can still read up on what we discussed.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything and/or if you’re interested in getting involved in a particular project.  You can contact us here:

Thanks for your interest!

February 2015 GCAT Meeting Notes

The following topics were discussed during February’s Meeting:

1. Love your Block Grant for Kite Hill Park:

We applied for a Love your Block grant through the City of Pittsburgh. We proposed to build 2 community bulletin boards at Kite Hill.

  • We we’re notified that we did not receive this grant.
  • On March 28th at our volunteer work day at Kite Hill (see below) we’ll discuss with neighbors other ideas we might be able to pursue at the park.

2. GCAT Volunteer days coming up:

This spring we are focusing our volunteer efforts at 2 locations in Garfield: Kite Hill Park and Kincaid Street Community Garden.  Both sites are within 2 blocks from each other.  Along with student volunteers we will be cleaning up these sites of brush, raking leaves, filling soil into garden beds.

  • Saturday, March 28th – Pitt students 9-2pm, meet at Kincaid Street Community Garden. Meet at 9am at 5414 Kincaid Street (between N. Aiken and N. Graham Streets)
  • Saturday, April 4th – CMU – Kite Hill and Kincaid Garden. Meet at 9am at 5414 Kincaid Street (between N. Aiken and N. Graham Streets)
  • Saturday, May 30th – UPMC Volunteers at Kincaid Street Community Garden.  Meet at 9am at 5414 Kincaid Street (between N. Aiken and N. Graham Streets)

3. Beating the Graffiti on Penn Ave:

There’s been a significant increase of graffiti on Penn Ave.  The city has a team of “graffiti busters’ who will help clean it up.  We need to submit all the locations where the graffiti has been spotted.

  • On Saturday March 21, Gary and Minette went up/down Penn Ave to survey and document graffiti locations to send to City of Pittsburgh 311.  We surveyed over 50 locations that have been tagged.

4. Mandela Peace Park fixes:

Mandela Peace park is a highly utilized park at the corner of N. Evaline and Broad Streets.  GCAT volunteers have working on improving this space for 2 years.

  • Public Works confirmed with Aggie Brose that they will fix playground equipment this spring.
  • This park gets highly utilized over the summer.  We will need to put a maintenance plan together to help keep the park clean and free of litter. At the next meeting (March 25th), let’s see if this is something Garfield CISP could help with.

5. Kids’ programing at Kite hill

  •  Bob and Garth (of Brothers and Sisters Emerging,B.A.S.E. ) and GCAT, will be meeting with the East Liberty Library on March 31st  at 12pm to discuss what we could do for kids programing Kite Hill Park and in Garfield.
  • Reached out to Dodi (from the City of Pittsburgh) about schedule the Art Cart at Kite Hill, but have received no response.

Other Notes:

  • Dion Jones from Garfield Jubilee is very interested in getting Youth Build engaged in some projects. We will continue the discussion to see how we could work together on some projects.
  • GA/GI Fest is coming up on May 4th, we will discuss at next meeting (March 25th) what we might be able to do at this event.  We will be setting up a tent at 5201 Penn Ave.
  • Summer maintenance of Green and Screen sites on Penn Ave to be discussed at next meeting, what should our plan be to maintain landscaping on penn during construction?

Next Month’s Meeting Wednesday March 25th at 6:30pm at the BGC Activity Center, 113 N. Pacific.


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